About The Wine Snob





In the early 1990’s, Steve Mancuso helped a few friends discover the enjoyment of wine by making recommendations on flavor profiles and suggesting food pairings.

The friends soon came to rely on Steve’s recommendations for their wine purchase decisions and the word spread quickly.  Within months, Steve’s reputation for recommending wine and an exceptional ability to pair wine with food became increasingly popular among more friends, and friends of friends!

In response to the popularity, Steve began to document his wine and food suggestions in the form of a newsletter and used email as his vehicle for distribution.  Steve’s writing style was fun and unpretentious, but displayed value and conviction.  His advice suggested that wine compromises were unnecessary and that good wine was affordable… you just have to find it!


Since Steve was up to the task of “finding it”, he set out on his mission and The Wine Snob was born!

The Wine Snob popularity grew quickly, and the expectations that came with it inspired Steve to become more knowledgeable.  He scheduled frequent trips to wine regions including California, France, South Africa and various areas throughout the US.  Wine country experiences provided education and a network of wine industry professionals including winery owners, winemakers, writers, culinary experts, etc. Complimenting the travel, The Wine Snob made an extensive effort to study and taste wines from all over the world including New Zealand, Spain, Italy, Austria, Hungary, Lebanon, Israel and Germany.

Today, the Wine Snob tastes several thousand wines each year through travels to wine regions and wine industry tasting events including invitations to international tasting competitions as a wine judge.


The Wine Snob newsletter reaches thousands of readers and continues to grow.  Queries from around the world include advice on every topic related to wine.  The Wine Snob has evolved as a valued opinion on numerous topics including restaurants, wine accessories, construction of wine cellars and more.  His uncompromising attitude, combined with an eye toward “value”, has earned The Wine Snob a noteworthy reputation.  In fact, many people view Steve’s recommendations as a “Stamp of Approval” for Quality and Value, not only wine and food, but also for a broad spectrum of products and services.  In some cases folks have suggested that Steve should add to his titles, “Value Snob”!




The Wine Snob’s credibility is built upon diverse skills, intensity and passion for perfection.  He travels and tastes wines extensively to maintain proficiency and awareness.  His approach to pairing food and wine is practical through years of experimenting with food and wine in his own kitchen, as well as partnering with restaurant chefs.  The Wine Snob believes such a practical approach is unique in the industry and provides a unique advantage as he validates wine and food pairings.

As highlighted in the tagline, The Wine Snob maintains a focus on overall quality and value.  The Wine Snob will always make note if a wine is a great value or if overly pricey!  Also, his no-nonsense evaluation is based solely on wine flavor and quality, using a simple rating scale ranging from Good to Yummy (and on seldom occasion, Wicked Yummy). The Wine Snob makes no rating adjustment for price or other external factors or influence.  Quite simply, price has no influence!




While The Wine Snob reader community spans international borders, the local folks in the Tri-State area (NY, NJ, PA) also know The Wine Snob for his public and private Wine events.  These events include wine dinners (private party, corporate dinner, public event), blind tastings and fundraising.  The Wine Snob events are delivered in a format that is unique and out-of the box providing wine education that is fun, engaging and without intimidation.




About7Over the years, The Wine Snob has developed relationships with restaurants, retailers, distributors, importers, corporations, foundations, associations and consumers, to provide a variety of wine experiences and educational services focused on wine enjoyment and knowledge.  The Wine Snob has relationships with many wine and food entities where Value and Quality are foremost.  While the list is always growing, “Snob-worthy” friends include, Little Brothers Beverage, Metropolitan Seafood, Cape Classics, and Pasternak Importers, all who provide exceptional service and high quality.  These folks often extend promotions to The Wine Snob community (for more information please visit the “Network” page.


The Wine Snob Rating Scale



As stated, The Wine Snob evaluation and rating scale is a no-nonsense evaluation based solely on wine flavor and quality.  The scale ranges from Good to Yummy (see below) with no adjustments for price or other external factors/influences.  Price doesn’t make a wine taste different, however values or lack thereof is called out as appropriate.


Very Good

Almost Yummy


Wicked Yummy

NOTE:  Only wines that achieve a rating of “Good” or better are included in newsletters.  It was learned early on that there is no benefit in sharing derogatory wine reviews nor is it an efficient use of time.  An exception to the rule is side-by-side blind tasting results, where all included wines are ranked/rated in the order determined by The Wine Snob tasting panel.